Welcome to Spiff. We have tried to create an experience that is different from most web sites. For one, there is NO menu, NO navigation bar, and NO sense of where you are in the site. We did this for several reasons; one being that we will start at point "A", and through a series of clicking on pages and choosing different routes, you will eventually get to point "B".
To truly experience Spiff you must slide your mouse over the entire page, scanning for links to different pages. All the links are not always obvious, so if you get lost, dont worry, there is a link somewhere on the page.
Sometimes there are multiple links on a page that will take you to two completely different pages. If you keep following the links, you will eventually get to the end. There are also hidden pages and other fun stuff along your way. Good luck, and play Spiff a few times and try multiple different ways, so you can see the whole site. There are over 100 pages and we are adding more all the time.
Spiff was designed as a experiment in web technology and graphical treatments. It was supposed to be a simple 5-6 page web site, but has now evolved into quite a large "choose your own adventure" style web site. The site was done by Jason Zada and Greg S. Hipwell from March 20th, 1997 till present day. There was no story boarding, no site plan, just total randomness.
And just so you know NOW, and won't email us later... Spiff was orginally conceptualized to be a test of human/computer interaction, while testing various UI and HTML issues. We make no claims to our spelling being correct. In fact, we intentionally mispelled a lot of words. Sounds strange, but it leads to the otherwise quarky interface and design that is Spiff. Please email us with any sort of questions, comments, or feedback you have. We are launching a new site sometime in the new year that will change your experience on the Web, again. Thank you for checking us out.... and remember,
E   X   P   L   O   R   E.

We have won a plethora of Design and Web Site awards (click here for visuals). If you would like to give us an award, please do. We like them. It helps us add more pages knowing that people like this project. We also like free stuff. You can send us free things also. More importantly we have won the following awards:

Featured in the Japanese book Web Design 100 by Kinotrope
How Magazine Online: Top Ten site of Novemeber
ArtFUX: Featured Artist, 10/97
Cool Site of the Day: Aug. 12, 1997
The Web Magazine: Newborn Site of the Day: Sept. 25, 1997
Design Posse: Official Member
Girlie Style: Cool boy designer
Communications Arts Interactive Design Annual 4 Winner, 1998
Jason Zada is the Creative Director of spyplane. You can see more of his work on his Online Portfolio. He also runs a small indie record label in his spare time called Manipulation Records.
Greg Hipwell is the Director of Technology of spyplane. He also works on Blasto, an entertainment guide to San Francisco.
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